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Chronic pain is recurrent pain that lasts more than six months. Currently, 30.7% of Americans report suffering from chronic pain.

Stem Cell Therapy is an exciting field of regenerative medicine that may help patients plagued by chronic pain. Rapid advances in this field of medicine are offering new therapies to patients who have exhausted treatment options and been unable to find an adequate way to manage their symptoms. Advances are made almost daily, as scientists better understand the nature of stem cells and how they can benefit patients.

If you have ever wondered if Stem Cell Therapy might be able to help you or a loved one, please download our eBook answering ten common questions about how stem cell therapy works and who it may benefit.


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"After my first session my blood sugar levels stabilized. My levels were very high, between 200 and 280, and now I do not exceed 100. So far I'm doing very well. They immediately changed my mind, changed my life."

Jhon Jaime Arango


"I did not feel the acceptance since the accident, but with this last intervention of treatment with stem cells, people noticed the change and are admired. They see me rejuvenated, they say they see  progress in the texture of my skin, that I have child skin. Then I look in the mirror and see that I do. I'm very happy."

Octavio Jaramillo


"I was diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension and must have oxygen 24 hours . At the beginning of the treatment, my quality of life improved considerably. The experience is wonderful, before, I had morning headaches and slept little, now I have a new life."

Gloria Inés Duque